The Scented Fox & Slick Fox Combo
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The Scented Fox & Slick Fox Combo

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The Natural Fox Co. Combo pack contains 1 x 'The Scented Fox' hydrating mist for dogs and 1 x 'The Slick Fox' Nourishing Oil for dogs.

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For a deeper conditioning serum use The Scented Fox Hydrating Mist in conjunction with The Slick Fox Nourishing Oil For Dogs as follows: Combine 3 pumps of The Slick Fox oil with 2 sprays of The Scented Fox hydrating mist in the palm of your hand. Warm the serum between your palms before massaging into your dogs coat and skin.**
**The Hydrating Mist contains an all natural oil in water solubiliser which when mixed with The Slick Fox Nourishing oil creates a deep conditioning serum that allows for maximum absorption of the oil into your dogs skin and coat with no oily residue