Lavender Blooms Spray for bunnies and guinea pigs
Baby Blue Bunnies

Lavender Blooms Spray for bunnies and guinea pigs

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As requested by clients, the original Baby Blue Bunnies Lavender Bloom Spray is back in stock in two sizes, 100mls and 200mls, Reiki and crystal infused.

A truly refreshing and relaxing spray that can be used for bunny homes, as an aura spray for you or as a room spray.

The Lavender Bloom Spray contains lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus, all three of which have insecticidal properties.

Lavender also balances the central nervous system, stabilising the physical, etheric, and astral bodies and is very calming.

Lemon gifts us thought clarity and is refreshing and cooling on these hot days.

Eucalyptus strengthens the nervous system, cools the emotions, and clears the head.