Bamboo Brush - all natural, vegan
The Natural Fox Co.

Bamboo Brush - all natural, vegan

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Product Description

The Natural Fox Co. Vegan Bamboo Pet Brush

The Silky Fox Vegan Bamboo Brush- use wet to evenly distribute shampoo or dry to gently remove dry skin cells and smooth their coat whilst gently massaging all those sensitive spots.

Easy to hold and all natural.

The Natural Fox Company proudly handcrafts all of its products right here in Australia with ingredients that are:
• 100% Natural
• Organic
• Sulphate and Paraben Free
• Vegan
• Eco-Friendly
• Cruelty Free
• Ph Balanced for dogs delicate skin
• Safe for all skin types
• Therapeutic grade essential oils used in concentration below 1%, (usually 0.5%)
• No synthetic fragrances or colours