Doggie Gelato - Cute AF Pets
Doggie Gelato - Cute AF Pets
Doggie Gelato - Cute AF Pets

Doggie Gelato

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Available in 3 flavours

Apple & Cinnamon 

Strawberries & Cream

Honey & Banana



An all natural & healthy make at home ice cream for your pet!


High quality,  human grade ingredients sourced within Australia in order to give your pet the best tasting products!

Our make at home doggie gelato is 100% lactose-free and safe for every pooch or even your kitty.


100% Australian human grade 


Gelato Base: Coconut milk powder, why because it  aids in fighting viruses, improving the immune system and adds shine to their coat all while improving breath

Yogurt Powder is a great source of calcium, zinc, probiotics, and protein as well as promoting a healthier digestion


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Each pack makes 3 Serves and is available in 3 amazing flavours! 

An added bonus !

reduce water by 50 mls and refrigerate it becomes a yummy Custard..we love serving options