Why do dogs eat grass?

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Why do dogs eat grass?

Not surprisingly, this is one of the number one most Googled questions about dogs!
Seeing your pets eat grass can make you worry that they aren't feeling well or are missing something from their diets, but is that the case?

Vets are approached with this question regularly. VERY regularly. So if you're finding yourself asking this question, you're not alone. When your pet eats
something it's not 'supposed to' it can be worrying and confusing.

"Eating “strange” non-food items (like grass) is technically known as pica and may be associated with a diet deficient in nutrients, vitamins, or minerals." - www.vcahospitals.com 
If you are worried that your dog may not be consuming enough nutrients, visit your local vet or pet nutritionist and ensure that they are eating a high quality diet.

Just like humans, our furry counterparts also require roughage in their diets, grass can provide some necessary fiber to help pass stools so your pet may be eating grass to help things run a little more smoothly.

Eating grass can also be a sign of anxiety or an attention seeking behavior. Is your dog getting enough attention? Are they being walked regularly and engaged in interesting activities?
Studies have shown that the less time a dog spends with it's human, the more time they may spend consuming grass, so get out there and hug your dog!

I'm not crying, you are!

Studies have shown that less than 25% off dogs will vomit after consuming grass therefore it is more likely that they are consuming the grass for another reason. 

If you're worried your dog may feel unwell though, always talk to your vet as there may be an underlying issue.

Studies have found grass in the stool samples of wolves and although a domesticated dog is eating a rounded diet and does not need to hunt, they may still naturally scavenge and consume grass.

Maybe we should just consider the most simple explanation here, dogs just enjoy eating grass. Maybe its the texture, or the flavour or the little juicy beads of water that sit on it after a dewy evening. Whatever the case, who am I to judge?
Have you noticed that your dog is more likely to eat grass at a certain time of day or year? Or even after particular weather?

According to BOBBY CAWTHRON, DVM: Sometimes an old wives tale is true. Most vets agree that eating grass helps relieve upset stomachs and other gut symptoms. Some dogs, however, seem to simply enjoy the taste especially from early, green moist growth.

- Aspen Grove Vet


There are many reasons your dog may eat grass, none too concerning though, my own dog eats it as a game when he races through long grass he chomps as much as he can! 
If you are worried though, always seek professional advice, otherwise, just leave your dog alone to enjoy some juicy grassy goodness!

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